Handmade and Custom Ceramic Tiles


Handmade Ceramic Tiles

SoMi Tileworks is a handmade art tile studio. We create original handmade and custom artisan tiles for tile installations and decorative accents in your home, restaurant or work place. All our tiles are handmade from a local claybody, hand glazed and fired to a very durable stoneware temperature. They are suitable for any type of tile installation inside or outside. Choose from our large selection of bas-relief tile designs or contact us about creating a custom tile design just for your project. All our tile designs are created to accommodate a wire hanger on the back if you are interested in just hanging the tile as a decorative accent. You may chose from our 36 different background colors for each of the tiles. You may also specify different colors for the images on the tiles by contacting us. Most of the tile images pictured on our website are shown with the 'Milk Glass' background color.

Flower Garden
Flower Garden
15.5x27 (framed, ready to hang)


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